Going Mobile


Scenario: You are driving with your buyer when they suddenly quip from the back seat, “Ooo, I really like this subdivision! What is available around here?”

Past Solution: In the past, that probably meant figuring out which subdivision you were in or what street you were on, then doing a search to pull active listings in the area.  Or, perhaps you used a different application outside of the IRESis MLS system that lacks detailed property information.  Not anymore!

NEW Solution:  Just grab your iPad/Tablet (or use Google Chrome on your laptop) and click the “Near Me” option on the Welcome screen of IRESis Tablet (www.iresis.com/mobile).

near meWhen you click the “Near Me” button the system will:

  1. Open the Map search screen.
  2. Zoom the map to your current location.
  3. Give you the option to create a half mile search circle around your current location.  If you prefer a larger area, just change the 0.5 mile default.

near me mapClick “Search” to find the active listings near you.  Or if you’d like to add criteria such as price, listing type, etc., click “Add Criteria”.

With just a few clicks, you can now find nearby listings, and they display on a beautiful web site you will be proud to share with your clients.

To see the whole process in action, view our video: http://www.screencast.com/t/R9rdKdhYL

We are happy to say this feature was added as a result of broker feedback. We are always interested to hear your needs. To share your thoughts, write a comment on this post, click the “Feedback” button at the top toolbar of IRESis , or give IRES a call.

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