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Colorado Legislative Committee’s Bill Report

Here’s an update on bills of interest to those of us in the real estate Industry and positions taken by CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee.

SB 118 – CAR Position Oppose
The bill conforms several definitions related to discrimination based on a disability to the federal Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, including changing the term assistance dog to service animal. The fine for discrimination in places of public accommodation, housing, and/or violations of the rights of an individual with a disability who uses a service animal or a trainer of a service animal is increased from $300 to $3,500. Penalties are added for a person who causes harm to a service animal or service animal in training or a person who owns an animal that causes harm to a service animal or service animal in training. CAR opposes this bill because of the liability it could pose to REALTORS.

HB 1272 Certification for Home Inspectors – Reps. Singer (Longmont) and Jeanne Labuda (Denver) – CAR Position – oppose
The bill would have required home inspectors to be certified by the director of the division of real estate. CAR’s position is that the proposal should go through the Division of Regulatory Agencies sunrise review process so state policymakers and stakeholders can gain an understanding about whether licensure is in the best interest of consumers and the industry. Fortunately, the bill was postponed indefinitely, i.e., killed, on Feb. 25.

HB-1136 Regulation of Continuing Education
CAR’s continuing education bill has not been scheduled for a committee hearing. It was assigned to Education committee when introduced on January 16, 2014. CAR lobbyists say the issue has become more complicated than they thought, so work is necessary before the bill is reviewed. At this point it appears the bill may face its first hearing sometime next week.

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