Boulder County Planning Commission to Discuss Floodplain Regulations

On Feb. 19 the Planning Commission will meet with officials from the County and FEMA. Topics to be covered include: NFIP background/ history/purpose; NFIP costs overall, how Program should work, and Biggert Water Reform; Community Rating System; Floodplain mapping – limitations and expectations; Special Flood Hazard Area requirements and Boulder County’s floodplain regulations; Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvements; Floodproofing measures, costs, and insurance costs and implications; Enforcement requirements and expectations.

In light of the September 2013 floods, it is clearly important to follow revised rules and regulations proposed by the County. County staff has also begun a countywide Master Plan development process. Master Plans provide a road map for longer-term creek planning, restoration and recovery with goals that address flood hazard mitigation, water quality, riparian areas, terrestrial habitat, recreation and more.

For some watersheds, such as St. Vrain Creek and Lefthand Creek, Boulder County will be the lead contracting agency, working with other jurisdictions and stakeholders to develop the Master Plans. For other areas, such as Boulder Creek, Rock Creek/Coal Creek and Little Thompson, Boulder County will be a participating agency with other agencies taking the lead.

All of the master plans will be collaborative efforts among local communities, state and federal agencies, residents and other stakeholders who are interested in creek recovery. Provided that sufficient funding for master plan development is available, the master planning process will get underway in the spring and early summer of this year.

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