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Longmont Council to Use Budget to Flesh Out 2014 Priorities

The City of Longmont finally resolved its disagreement with Dillard’s, which will allow the redevelopment of the Twin Peaks Mall to move forward. Now the Council can focus on its priorities for 2014. Staff’s recommendation to split the retreat into two separate events was approved by the City Council. The split is needed because the City is implementing a new priority-based budget process and staff needs time to finalize it. One item that will certainly be discussed during the retreat is the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which is due for an update in 2014. The Comp Plan creates an overriding vision for the City and guides future development.
On March 21 the Council will focus on team building & communication. Then, on June 27 the subject will be budget prioritization, which determines City core service priorities. Assistant City Manager Sandi Seader said that with a $2.5 million budget gap, the Council needs to figure out its priorities and move forward from there.

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