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REALTORS across the state reviewed the first slate of bills produced by the 2014 legislature. Here’s a sample of some of the more interesting bills reviewed and the positions taken by CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee:

SB-09 Disclose of Separate Mineral Estate – Neutral
The Real Estate Commission might have a moratorium on form changes but that won’t stop the legislature from coming up with new disclosures. This bill is less of a concern now than when it was originally introduced because it’s been modified so that buyers are responsible for researching mineral rights.

SB-017 Limit Use of Ag Water for Lawn Irrigation – Oppose
One of the sponsors in Northern Colorado’s own Rep. Randy Fischer (Fort Collins). The bill prohibits a local government from approving an application for a development permit unless the local government has adopted an enforceable resolution or ordinance that limits, as a prerequisite for approval of the development permit, the amount of irrigated grass on residential lots in the development to no more than 15 percent of the total aggregate area of all residential lots in the development.

HB-1001 Tax Credit for Property Destroyed by a Natural Cause – Support
This bill gives the owner of a destroyed property relief from property tax during the year in which the disaster occurred.

HB-1136 Regulation of Continuing Professional Education – Support
This bill was sought by CAR to allow associations to continue to offer classes to non-REALTORS. Last year’s CE bill accidentally made that option illegal.

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