Realtor.com Concludes AgentMatch Pilot

From: Errol Samuelson, President of Realtor.com
To: IRES MLS Subscribers
 Regarding: Agent Match

Realtor.com’s primary purpose is to connect Realtors with consumers in the digital world. This is a mandate we take seriously. Realtor.com is also a self-supporting entity operated by a for-profit company that does not receive any NAR dues.

Both of these factors require that we innovate, experiment and look into the future in close coordination with the industry we serve.ss_agentmatch

In that spirit, we launched an experiment this fall in the Northern Colorado market called AgentMatch.  Our goal was to test concepts and solicit feedback from consumers and Realtors. As you are aware, other companies are moving ahead with their solutions regardless of industry involvement.

In an age of reviews, ratings, big expectations and small attention spans, we wanted to create a service that would place facts, and Realtors, front and center.

AgentMatch aimed to do that. During this testing phase we learned that we must resolve several important issues before moving any further ahead.

We have concluded the AgentMatch pilot and are working with Realtors in Northern Colorado, and across the country, to evolve the program and find a better way to highlight each of their unique attributes.

We learned a few things in this experiment. We learned that using an algorithm to “match” consumers with Realtors is misguided. A computer cannot find thkeyboarde best Realtor for someone, just like a computer cannot place an accurate value on a home.

We also learned that metrics like days on market or list price to sale price ratio, while useful within a real estate brokerage, could be confusing or even misleading to consumers. Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t necessarily tell the whole story, either.

And yes, metrics matter, but we need to expand the ways that Realtors can highlight their other dimensions, many of which cannot be neatly captured by a number.

This AgentMatch pilot has ended, but the larger project remains: We intend to create the most accurate and complete resource for consumers looking for a Realtor online, and to continue moving the industry forward with innovative solutions.

4 thoughts on “Realtor.com Concludes AgentMatch Pilot”

  1. I’m thrilled to see that Realtor.com has dumped the Agent Match idea–at least for now.
    As relevant as NAR tries to appear to us Agents– in reality they just are not. I honestly don’t think the fees that they charge at all reflects any value that we receive from this group. Time to dump ’em.

  2. This is the first move made by my NAR that I agree with. Granted it’s ending a program created by them, but a move in the right direction. As far as rating agents, a honest assessment by an agent looking at the results on Agentmatch could tell it was not working. But why try to pretend to know what agent fits what client, only the client knows.

  3. In My Opinion this is just another way for Realtor.Com to entice Realtors to pay more money to put their face’s out there ahead of others. With Realtor.Com it’s all about making money and forcing Realtors to pay in order to stay in business. Please, Stop all of this Madness!! Let Realtor’s do what they are best at! Making connections on their own and serving their communities that they specialize in. We don’t need any more gadgets and gizmo’s to help us do that!!

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