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City of Loveland Ready to Implement New Concealed Construction Policy

Thanks to two years of hard work by the LBAR Government Affairs Committee, REALTORS and the clients they serve will now have a new option when working on transactions involving properties that have concealed construction. According to Chief Building Inspector Tom Hawkinson, the City’s new as-built construction policy will be implemented on Jan. 1, 2014.

Loveland’s policy of requiring all concealed construction to be completely opened and inspected has caused problems for property owners and complicated real estate transactions. The as-built policy assures safety for home occupants without requiring unnecessary and expensive deconstruction and rebuilding. Information about the as-built policy is now available on the City’s website: under the section titled, “Building Division Changes/Notifications.”

In essence, the program will work just like Larimer County’s program. In lieu of tearing out drywall, etc., the County requires that a Colorado licensed master electrician and Colorado licensed master plumber evaluate the work completed and provide certification letters along with a completed building permit application form. If the construction involves structural work, a Colorado registered structural engineer must evaluate the work for compliance with minimum building code requirements and provide a certification letter as well.

Detailed building plans are not typically required, however, a floor layout plan showing how the space is used, and a plot plan may be requested (if the work changed the footprint of an existing structure or the structure is new).  The certification letters, floor and plot plan are reviewed by Building Department staff and other departments where applicable (e.g., planning staff for setbacks from roads, waterways and property lines,) depending on the type of construction completed.

Once all approvals are obtained to issue the permit and permit fees are paid, the County issues a permit and schedules a final inspection by staff for life-safety issues like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, stairways, handrails, etc.  When all inspection approvals have been obtained, an “As-Built Certificate of Observable Compliance” is issued.  Please note that if the property owner wishes to obtain a regular Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion, all concealed construction must be exposed and fully inspected. Contact the City’s building division for more information, (970) 962-2505.

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