CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing

Some real estate industry stakeholders, including home inspectors, have been discussing the prospect of licensing home inspectors.  Sen. Todd, from Aurora, is prepared to run some sort of legislation to this end.

In the last meeting that CAR lobbyist, Rachel Nance, attended with the stakeholders and Sen. Todd, the idea of running the matter through DORA’s Sunrise Review process was discussed.  DORA is prohibited from supporting licensure that has not undergone the Sunrise Review process.  It is also an issue that does not currently have consensus among all inspectors.  Certain stakeholders would like to pursue legislation without first going through the Sunrise process.

CAR staff has discussed this matter with LPC leadership and believes it is more appropriate to go through Sunrise.  Moreover, in the event that CAR would ever support licensure, the Sunrise process would make the issue substantially more viable in the view of policymakers and legislators.

Of course, this will be an issue in which CAR will remain active. To this end CAR’s leadership approved the following position: CAR believes the issue of whether home inspectors should be licensed should go through DORA’s Sunrise Review process so state policymakers and stakeholders can gain an understanding about whether licensure is in the best interest of consumers and the industry.

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