2013 Holiday Wrap Up

Holiday Wrap Up

Happy Holidays from IRES! Can you believe 2013 is almost over? At the beginning of this year we challenged you to learn ONE new IRESis function. We highlighted the Cream of the Crop: IRESis Contracts, DocuSign, Prospects, CloudCMA, Realist, and the ColoProperty Hit Report. Did you embrace the challenge?

If none of those struck your fancy, we added more new features in 2013!  We like to think of them as presents to you. So, this Holiday season, let’s look at our favorite 2013 gift packages from IRES. If you haven’t checked them out, now is the time!

IRES Tablet Site:  Let’s be real, most iPad apps are just for fun, not business. But this is irestablet-cleannot your typical iPad app! We jammed this site (www.IRESis.com/mobile) full of the real life IRESis functionality you need while you are away from the office. Like what?

  • ALL search fields are available, including Mapping
  • ALL listing details can be viewed
  • Post listings to MySite, email them, or view them on a Map
  • Edit the price and status of your listings
  • FULL Public Record
  • CloudCMA
  • Contracts WITH DocuSign integration

And it’s all wrapped up in beautiful screens that give you and your clients an enjoyable mobile experience. This is not your eight year olds’ app. And it’s designed for all tablets, not just the iPad. Find it at www.IRESis.com/mobile.

Export Dates from Contracts: Your Dates & Deadlines are agreed to and now it’s time to stay on top of them so nothing slips. Print or email a nice looking PDF, or export your dates and import them into your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar. View the video.

Showing Instructions & Lockbox Codes via TEXT:  Next time you call an office that uses the IRESis Showings System (most of the large offices in our area) you can request they TEXT you the showing instructions and lockbox codes. Then, just check your phone 2013when you get to the house! Email is available, too.

If you have any questions, leave us a Comment below or call us at 800-596-4901. Happy Holidays from IRES!

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