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Why is IRES a beta site for AgentMatch?
IRES has a national reputation for being progressive and ahead of the curve.  In fact, many, many years ago, we were a beta site for Realtor.com.  Since then, we have been among the first MLSs to offer FIND, Realist 2 and Cloud CMA.  IRES was asked if we would like to be a beta site for AgentMatch, one of 2 MLSs in the country, and following a presentation about the concept, we agreed.

The majority of agent referral sites are Pay-to-Play, which means a broker may have purchased a zip code but have never successfully completed a transaction in the area.  That approach doesn’t serve the consumer very well.  AgentMatch is based on a combination of factors including having a listing that has sold in that area within the last 6 months or more.  You cannot buy placement on AgentMatch.

Back up and tell me: What is AgentMatch?
The concept is to match a seller with a broker who is familiar with the seller’s neighborhood.  Many sites cater to buyers trying to find a home, but AgentMatch is geared toward sellers.  Take a look at this link for more information as well as Q&A.

How did IRES communicate to users about AgentMatch?
In retrospect, communication could have been handled differently and better.  We realize that now and apologize.  It was never our intent to be veiled in secrecy.  Because AgentMatch was a “soft launch” as a beta site that continued to be tested and tweaked, the operators wanted to keep a low profile, and we honored that.  Meanwhile, IRES actively encouraged our users to complete their Realtor.com profile since we knew it tied directly to AgentMatch inclusion, and we wanted users to leverage that benefit.

What does AgentMatch cost – the MLS and broker?  Or are you getting paid to be a beta site?
IRES is not being charged or paid anything, nor are the brokers who appear on AgentMatch.  It is free.

Can I opt out of AgentMatch as an individual?
Yes.  Let IRES know that you do not want to participate and your information will be removed from the site.  You can contact IRES through various channels including Feedback on the MLS system, Live Chat, Facebook, or email info@ires-net.com.

How do I voice my opinion about AgentMatch?
We welcome comments, questions and suggestions since that is the primary reason for launching a beta site. You can utilize the regular IRES channels mentioned above, make a Comment on this blog post, or the join the thread on the realtor.com link with responses directly from AgentMatch developers.  Note: Beware of other sites steeped in rumor and misinformation.   It is rampant at the moment.

4 thoughts on “IRES & AgentMatch”

  1. Everything that I’ve seen so far about the Agent Match program through Realtor.com has not been good for the individual Realtor. Why would I want to pay $550.00 to promote other agents that an algorithm deems would serve the client better than I would. This is a really BAD idea!! If Realtor.com wants to compete with Zillow and Trulia(I know they are losing market share to them quickly) then quit supplying our listing info to them. Problem solved!!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Kathie. It’s in beta test so be assured we are listening. To clarify, IRES does not provide a full feed directly to Zillow or Trulia. IF a Managing Broker signs up for ListHub and chooses Trulia and/or Zillow through the ListHub dashboard, then those office listings are sent to them. It is solely at the Managing Broker’s discretion.

  2. Everything I’ve read on Realtor.com,s blog, the comments seem to be 10-1 against this idea. I would suggest that each agent put their own address in agentmatch and see what happens. I have put in about 4 addresses and the information seems very inaccurate. I also agree with Kathie that why should I pay $550 to promote other agents. Just because an agent has the most sales in a given area doesn’t mean they may be the best fit for the buyer. Another question would be how big is the area that is being used. The agent in my area that had the most sales were all condo’s not single family homes and are over 1 mile away. Realtor.com is losing market share and it may be free for now, but then so were our listings, and then came the upgrades at a fee. This doesn’t seem to be a great win for Realtors at this point.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations, Steve. One thing that may be causing the results are you seeing: you must have an agent photo uploaded to Realtor.com in order to show up. This decision was made because, just like on listings, consumers want to see pictures. Media is huge and in order to make the product consumer friendly it was decided that would be a requirement. But you have some good considerations for the algorithm that chooses the agents to display and we will most certainly pass those along.

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