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New Idea Proposed for I-25

A recent meeting intended to create a business coalition to support the RAMP proposal to expand I-25 became a platform for elected officials from Weld County to lobby for a new idea. Weld County and some of its municipalities don’t support the RAMP proposal, saying it would be unfair to their constituents to turn an existing free lane into a managed lane.

However, Weld County Commissioners Sean Conway and Barbara Kirkmeyer indicated they would support a proposal to add a 4th managed lane to I-25 up to Highway 66. I-25 would go from 4 lanes (one-way) back to 2 lanes at 66. The revenues from the managed lane would be used to expand I-25 north of 66. It is unknown at this point if such an idea is feasible from an engineering or financial perspective.

CDOT is still examining funding scenarios to figure out if the RAMP project idea is viable. A report is due later this week. Staff also promised to consider this new 4th lane scenario. Several private sector companies that have expressed interest in partnering with CDOT on the RAMP project are coming for more serious discussions in early December. But bear in mind that the clock is ticking. If the municipalities between Erie and Fort Collins don’t come to consensus by April 7, the RAMP funds will be awarded to another project.

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