Take a Date on the Road

ExportfacebookNo, we are not talking about your significant other. This is about contract deadline dates. Staying on top of what is happening when with your transactions is critical, and your clients need to be in the loop as well. IRES has developed a new solution for both:  Create a nice looking PDF that lists deadlines and dates in chronological order, then send it to clients! In addition, if you prefer, export and import the dates into your calendar. For your convenience, IRES officially supports the most popular calendars: Outlook, Google, and Apple.

The next time you finalize an offer, click the “Export Dates” button, next to the DocuSign button:

export button

If you choose the PDF file, you can create a calendar or list view of the dates, such as:


If you choose to export the dates and need help importing them into your calendar, watch the video now or there are online instructions in the Help file within the Contracts module – a mere click away. Have no fear, however!  Importing dates into calendars is extremely easy nowadays. Most instructions are only a few steps.

export dates

Once you export the file, consider emailing it to your client so they can import it into their calendar as well.  Tip for Google users:  If you create a separate calendar for each transaction, you can share that particular calendar with your client. Then, they will see all updates you make in real time.

View a video of the process!

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