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Larimer County Adopts Disaster Amendment to Land Use Code and Reduces Permit Fees

In 2012 the Commissioners adopted a resolution approving a re-building program in the wake of the High Park Fire. This year following September’s disastrous floods, Larimer County is taking a different tactic and has instead adopted an amendment to the Land use Code.

The amendment creates a quicker process to address re-building after disasters and address issues such as temporary emergency housing and provides for the documentation of non-conforming structures and uses, extends the timeframe to rebuild such structures or re-establish nonconforming uses. It also creates an administrative setback variance program for rebuilding structures or reestablishing business uses that were operating without required approvals and/or permits.

When future disasters happen, the Commissioners will make an official declaration and set a timeframe during which the disaster provisions will be in effect.

In addition to passing this code amendment, Larimer County has also opted to offer flood affected property owners a one-time reduction in building permit fees for each parcel in the amount of $1,000 until September 12, 2016. A list of subject conditions is available online:

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