Map Search on IRES Tablet

You can use a map to search for and display listings on the IRES Tablet site (www.IRESis.com/mobile – NOTE: You can only preview this site on your computer if you use the Google Chrome browser):

1) Click the “Map” search screen:tablet map

2) If you want to find properties in the neighborhood/subdivision you are currently located at (ie: you are driving around and your client says “Oooo, I really like this neighborhood, what’s available here?”), click the Location button. The map will zoom to where you are:tablet map current location

3) To draw a shape, tap the pencil icon with your finger:tablet map pencil

4) Press your finger on the map and create your shape:tabletmapshape

The pencil turns into an eraser so you can remove the shape if needed.

5) After your search, to view the listings on the map, click “Map”

You will see the shape and where the listings are located:tabletlistingsonmap

2 thoughts on “Map Search on IRES Tablet”

    1. The screens aren’t designed for the small size of a smart phone. You can access IRESis.com/mobile on your phone and search listings and public records but it’s a simple design, specifically meant for phones.

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