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Regional Highway Repair will Top $475 Million

According to the latest estimate, the cost to repair or replace Colorado’s flood-damaged highways will be $475 million. The State is making $91.5 million available. Colorado’s congressional delegation began lobbying right way to convince Congress to increase the amount of FEMA funding available for infrastructure to $500 million when it became obvious that the damage would exceed the $100 million cap.

On Monday (Sept. 30) Colorado’s Congressional delegation was successful in its effort. Bills passed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to exempt Colorado from the cap on emergency highway funding.  The bill authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to obligate any funds made available in 2013 for emergency relief projects without any limitation for such projects from a single natural disaster.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates in its fiscal analysis that $300 million of funds made available for the Emergency Relief Program will be used in Colorado.

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