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Fort Collins Excessive Outdoor Storage – Devil is in the Definition

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS has active in reviewing proposed code language the City is proposing related to exterior property maintenance. Adding language to specify standard requirements related to the maintenance of features such as exterior walls, roofs, etc. was relatively easy. However, when it comes to defining what can be stored outside a home, finding clear language proved to be challenging.

FCBR’s Board of Directors was troubled with language initially suggested by staff, saying the language was vague and could undermine the rights of property owners. On the other hand, most people would agree that there is a limit concerning how much “stuff” people should keep outside before it becomes unsightly or create unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

Another concern for FCBR was the fact that a few owners were causing headaches with their unsightly and potentially hazardous properties. Should code revisions be drafted to control violations at a handful of City homes? On the other hand, what about the rights of neighbors living near such homes that had been affected by the mess for years? See the story in the Coloradoan for a photo that illustrates the problem:

FCBR is still reviewing the latest proposal from City staff but hopes to be comfortable supporting the revisions to the ordinance when it is heard by the City Council for 2nd reading on Oct. 15.

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