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Wildfire Task Force to Propose Fee?

From a recent Denver Post article it appears that some members of the Wildfire Task Force would like to make a bolder statement in the report that is due on Sept. 30th to Gov. Hickenlooper. One proposal would classify homes on a risk scale and those deemed high risk would be required to have a mitigation audit performed by state foresters.

In addition, the Post article says the Task Force is moving towards proposing a state fee on homes built in the so-called wildland-urban interface areas (WUIs). The fee would cover local costs to fireproof communities. Barbara Kelley, the Ex. Dir. Of the Division of Regulatory Agencies, who also is the task force director, predicts as much as 40 percent of new residential development in Colorado will occur in WUIs.
While industry representatives such as the Colorado Association of Home Builders have emphasized homeowner education, Kelley appears inclined to push the Task Force towards more aggressive measures. Given that the number of government officials outnumber industry representatives on the Task Force, it is difficult to imagine that those who favor education versus mandates will prevail.

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