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Loveland Fracking Ballot Question Status Unclear

It appears unlikely that Loveland voters will have the opportunity to vote on a proposed 2-year fracking moratorium. A citizen’s appeal has sent the issue of the petition’s validity to the court and it doesn’t seem possible to get the issue resolved in time to get the question on the ballot.
However, it is unlikely that the group “Protect Our Loveland” will give up. If anything the 5-4 decision of the City Council to wait for the Court to rule has infuriated those who pushed for the ballot issue. Protect Our Loveland equates challenging the right to frack with the fight to end slavery. In all the fuss, no one seems to remember that there are no gas or oil wells currently located in the City of Loveland.
Another problem created by the ballot language has also been ignored. The question reads: “Shall an ordinance be adopted that places a two year moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing within the City of Loveland to extra oil, gas or other hydrocarbons and on the storage and disposal of its waste products in order to fully study the impacts of hydraulic fracturing?”

Who would conduct the study and pay for it? What happens if there is no study? Those are questions that remain unanswered. Boulder County’s study will cost over $80,000 (see above) and it appears unlikely that the City of Loveland has allocated any funding to meet this request.

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