Advanced Map Search Tip: Search the OVERLAP ONLY

Here’s a tricky search problem: the couple you are working with wants a home one mile from her place of employment AND one mile from his place of employment. Your solution is found on the Map Search screen!

1. Zoom to the location and draw two map shapes: a one mile radius around his work location and a one mile radius around hers. The overlapping area is where your clients want to live. (You could also use a rectangle or polygon shape, and can make them any size.)

map overlap2. In the “Search Type” toolbar (bottom right), click the “Search shape overlap only” button. A star will display when it is selected:

Search overlap only

3. When you click “Search” the system will only pull listings that are in the OVERLAPPING area.

overlap searchGive it a try!  If you need help, give us a call at 800-596-4901.

4 thoughts on “Advanced Map Search Tip: Search the OVERLAP ONLY”

  1. This is a handy search idea for Realtors in Boulder Colorado. I like the suggestion. Buyers in our community are the ultimate benefactors from this technology. Keep the great improvements coming and thanks! – Bob Gordon Re/Max

  2. how can you get a map like that  4 texas areas
    that would be awesome
    if I had something like thatthank you for posting

    1. We are the Northern Colorado Regional MLS but our subscribers can draw map shapes in the “Find” system for Texas listings. Since I don’t see that you are a subscriber, you could use Realtor.com or the Texas MLS public sites…www.HAR.com would be a good start.

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