Erie Quits Super IGA

On August 12 Erie’s Board of Trustees approved a resolution to sever its participation in the Boulder County Countywide Coordinated Comprehensive Development Plan IGA (otherwise known as the Super IGA) as of October 16, 2013. The IGA was created to identify where development should occur and prevent sprawl.

Mayor Joe Wilson said the County has picked winners and losers, taking away the municipalities’ ability to make land use decisions. He said, “Our citizens want to buy goods and services in their own communities, buy from their own neighbors, contribute to their own sales tax base. And Boulder County has been standing in the way of that for years.”

Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and other towns that participate in the Super IGA have expressed surprise at Erie’s exodus. It remains to be seen if the move will trigger land wars in East Boulder County as Commissioner Cindy Dominco fears.

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