City of Fort Collins Considers Oil and Gas Notification for New Homes

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS scored a victory by helping convince the City not to adopt a disclosure for properties in proximity to an oil or gas operation. Ironically, the only oil and gas produced within City limits is located in a small sector in northeast Fort Collins. This field has been in production since 1924 and is owned and operated by one company. The City already requires screening, landscaping and buffers in industrial zones such as the Fort Collins Field that are adjacent to residential areas.

However, since Longmont voters approved the fracking prohibition (Initiative 300) last November, activists have helped energize citizens all over Northern Colorado, spurring many to comment during city council meetings. The discussion over a fracking moratorium in Fort Collins motivated City staff to consider adding an oil and gas property disclosure. However, input from REALTORS and others prompted the City to modify the proposal.

Instead, the City Council is considering an ordinance that will modify plat language for new residential construction. The ordinance is scheduled for 2nd reading on August 20th. The language included in the ordinance reads as follows: “This subdivision and the individual lots shown hereon are located in close proximity to an oil and gas operation that may not be shown on this plat. Please contact the City of Fort Collins for more information.

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