Why I Love IRES’s MySite

balloonfacebookBy: Skyler Michie, IRES Records Management Liaison

On occasion we hear people say they don’t use MySite for their clients, available to all IRES subscribers at no charge.  WHAT?!  No MySite?  You are missing out if you don’t utilize this tool!

The first thing I did when I started searching for my first home was set up an automated search and enable MySite.  From that moment on, I found myself checking it more than ss_Mysite color schemesmy Facebook or Gmail account which I normally check multiple times a day!  First, I set up the search to include 3 communities.  My price range was the same as anyone buying their first home – limited! – and up to $150,000.  Each time I logged on, I would open a new listing and scroll through all the photos, disappointed when a listing had only one or two, and would hardly consider the ones without any photos.

After I studied the photos, I would look at the map and study the location. After that, I would look at the HOA costs and regulations and then sort the listings into Favorites, Maybes or Trash.  I spent so much time on MySite!  It was one of the most important tools in finding my first place.  Sure, I could have searched on ColoProperty.com® or sorted through the emails my agent sent me, but it just wasn’t the same.  MySite was customized to exactly what I wanted!

With inventoShop for homes and agents on ColoProperty.comry being low, I found many properties listed with an Active-Back Up status, meaning they were under contract before I had a chance to see them, let alone write an offer.  Several times I wrote an offer immediately only to find out that someone had already beat me to it, or offered cash, which I couldn’t compete with, but MySite was great because I was able to see those status changes in real time, straight from IRESis.com.

MySite is a great asset to your business!  It offers your clients up-to-date listing information and does the work for you while you juggle all your other tasks.  Set up MySites in IRESis under the Contacts+ tab, Contacts/Prospects icon.   To learn more, click the “Help” link to see videos and step by step instructions or register for our “Automated Client Searches & MySite” class.   As always, if you have questions, give IRES a ring!

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4 Responses to Why I Love IRES’s MySite

  1. Lisa M. Michie says:

    Your Realtor would have set you up IF you didn’t happen to work at IRES!!!

  2. Kathryn DeBey says:

    Hello Mysite person,

    I use Mysite, but my clients want to be able to block some subdivisions. Is there a way to do this? Example is Hahns drive/ street in Loveland. At any given time there are 10 places in there and if the page fills up with this one area, they won’t look any further that day. If it fill up several days in a row with this area, they stop looking!

    Thanks, Kay DeBey

    Sent from my iPhone

    Kathryn DeBey For your Northern Colorado real estate needs Call me! 970.371.1880

    • IRES, LLC says:

      Good question, thanks for asking it! There are a couple of solutions to consider:

      1) Yes, you can exclude one subdivision or street from your search by entering a hyphen (-) before the name. So, it would look like this: -Hahns. You can exclude one name per search. Mouse over the “tip” next to the field to be reminded.

      2) Consider creating a map shape and do not include that subdivision.

      Hope that helps!

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