Santos Will Run Again in Longmont

Longmont Mayor Pro tem Gabe Santos stopped by LAR recently to announce his candidacy for City Council. Santos first came to the Council in January 2008. “I’m happy with the council that is currently seated and believe there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done,” Santos said.

In discussing the court cases in which the City is currently embroiled relative to the Dillard’s eminent domain situation and the fracking ban, Santos said, “I take a James T. Kirk approach — I don’t believe in a no-win situation,” he said. “I believe there’s always a way for everyone to come out on top. The thing is, you have to strip away the emotions and rely on fact. But if you can sit down in a room with the other people … and try to find a solution, things can happen.”

Santos has said the items facing the Council in the near future are rolling out citywide broadband Internet service, updating the city’s master plan for its parks, and getting as much of Vance Brand airport’s new master plan into place as possible. That includes a controversial runway extension that Santos supports and that the Federal Aviation Administration has said it wouldn’t be able to fund until at least 2021.

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