Greeley Government Prefers Collaboration

City Manager Roy Otto released a statement on behalf of the City Council regarding Weld County’s secession plan. He said, “It appears that this action was taken out of the Commissioners’ frustration with state government…. However, Greeley City government will not follow their lead or support efforts for secession from the state of Colorado as a way to resolve these or other issues.”

“Over the years Greeley has established great relationships with many state and U.S. legislators, governors and other state officials. We don’t want Greeley’s image to be tarnished by this proposal, so we will continue to tell our story through Greeley Unexpected social media, our advertising campaign, outreach to residents and more. This way, people all over Colorado will know that Greeley is a proud Colorado community and a great place to live, work, play and learn.”

In any case, it appears the secession plan is losing steam. Observers say they have not seen any effort to gather signatures to put the proposal on the November ballot although an August deadline for submitting the petitions is drawing closer and closer. There is a proposal advocated by some officials in Northeastern Colorado to base state House or Senate representation on area instead of population, a move that can be done through a bill in the State legislature or through a citizen initiative. However, that proposal has its problems too. The biggest obstacle being a 1964 U.S. Supreme Case that upheld the requirement to base representation on population rather than geography.

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