Photo Tools For on-the-go Agents

Digital Point and Shoot Camera
Digital Point and Shoot Camera

1. Digital Camera
Most any digital camera on the market (even point and shoots) are capable of taking a suitable photo for your listing. With proper use, the often under-estimated “point and shoot” camera can be an asset to real estate agents because of its flexibility, portability and availability. Is it as good as a DSLR with a professional photographer? No. But, it does offer considerably more photographic quality, flash power and zoom capability than today’s phones, tablets and older cameras. It gets the job done and with the right knowledge, can take great photos.

Contemplating buying new digital camera for your real estate photos?
Consider buying a camera for real estate photography with the following:

  • Self timer
  • 3.1 or above megapixel quality
  • Lens with OPTICAL zoom (not digital) 10x +
  • Aspherical lens (4.3 – 68.8 works nicely) what is spherical aberration?
  • Presets or scene modes
  • Manual exposure
  • Adjustable exposures
  • Magnetic lens face
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Bonus: Video
  • Commonly used storage format (SD cards, for example)
  • A cable to download photos to your computer, quickly
Detachable Magnetic Wide Angle Lens
Detachable Magnetic Wide Angle Lens

2. Magnetic Wide Angle Lens
Magnetic wide angle lenses are portable cheap, and easy to put on your small camera in a matter of seconds. For an agent on the move with limited money, time and photography skill, this is a nice way to get better digital photos of small rooms or areas that prove difficult to show location or vicinity. examples

Note: You will need a digital camera that has a metal lens for this to work without holding onto the lens. Measure your camera’s lens area before shopping for a detachable magnetic wide angle lens, and be sure it fits.

Flexible Tripod
Flexible Tripod

3. Flexible portable tripod
Use this with a self-timer for hard to reach spots, lengthened exposures and different angles. Setting the camera on the tripod with a self-timer can help eliminate blurring of photos from the press of your finger while taking a lower light photo. The random positions, uneven ground and other areas that normal tripods miss, the flexible portable pods can handle. Consider these as well if you are shooting videos of yourself while out in the field. The rubber grips can allow you to set the tripod on your car, a fence or just about anywhere. examples

Slave Flash
Slave Flash

4. External Slave Flash
An external slave flash will allow you to light more of a room and remove heavy shadows from nearby objects. When shopping for a slave flash, be sure you find one that senses the flash from your digital camera to fire without a hot shoe. Most flashes on the market are meant for DSLR’s with a hot shoe, but there are many more out there that will actually work with your point and shoot (as long as the flash on your camera fires). examples

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Photo Tools for on-the-go Agents

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