Your IDX Options

IDXfacebook“I need IDX. How do I get it?”  We hear this question quite often at IRES, so let’s do a quick break down of your options, and the pros and cons of each.

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) allows agents to display MLS listings on their website, which generates leads as consumers search the market on your site. The development cost of that venture can range from zero to thousands of dollars, so it’s a great idea to first decide how much money you want to invest in this particular facet of your business. Also consider your technical skills: Do you love to dabble in all the latest online tech tools, or would you rather leave that to someone else?

The Easy, Free Option: Framing®

If your budget is limited, if you aren’t the techie type, or if you don’t have the budget to hire one, framing ColoProperty is a great solution for IRES CPFramesubscribers.  This allows you to take advantage of the ColoProperty search screen and listing display, designed by the IRES software developers.  You get top notch technology and leads at no cost.  And, when you sign up for your special link, all the leads will go to YOU, instead of the Listing Agent. There are now two screen options: Standard and Mountain. To request your link complete this online form.

What is the downside?  You do not have the ability to change the screen layout and the listings aren’t “indexed” on your site. In other words, the listings are on® so search engines will not find your site when a consumer enters a listing address into Google, Bing, etc. This affects the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site, but the benefits and ease of framing® may outweigh the headaches and hassle of maintaining an IDX site.

“I really like the updated look of the page. Thanks for providing this to us.”

The More Expensive Option: IDX RETS FeedIDX

If you have the budget and want to invest more heavily in your website, you can hire someone to pull the IDX listing information from our RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) server.  This gives you the freedom to design your own search and display screens, or alternatively, many IDX website providers have a variety of templates.  Make sure to ask if the listings are indexed on your site to improve your SEO.

The downside here is the cost and time. Cost will vary based on the IDX provider you choose to work with.   A list of developers who already receive IRES IDX listings is available on  Also, keep in mind that statistics show most consumers search for properties on large regional, franchise, or national sites, so investing in your own IDX site may not bring you the biggest bang for your buck.

Either way you choose to go, IRES is happy to assist you with your IDX option of choice.   We have a resource page on IRES-net that outlines IDX options including Difficulty and Expense levels.  Call us at 800.596.4901 with your questions.

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