Longmont Council Moves Forward With Mall Service Plan

Last August the City Council passed a resolution approving a skeletal service plan for the Twin Peaks Metropolitan District. The skeletal service plan allowed the developer to submit a plan to create a special district but precluded the proposed district from engaging in any activities except for those defined as minimally administrative or ministerial activities required by state law.

As a skeletal district, Twin Peaks could not levy any taxes, impose any fees, construct any public improvements or incur any debt. The amended service agreement approved by the Council on Feb. 26 allows the district to move forward. It includes all the financial information and details of the capital facilities required under Longmont’s special district ordinance. This is a key requirement needed to proceed with the aspects of the Redevelopment and Reimbursement Agreement for the Mall.

The next step is a public hearing scheduled for March 19. In the meantime, the mall’s owners are still negotiating with Dillard’s on a redevelopment plan for the department store. City Manager Harold Dominguez said the City is comfortable allowing that discussion to move forward and said there’s no need for any hasty decisions as to whether or not to utilize eminent domain if the negotiations are not successful.

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