Fort Collins Student Housing Plan Approved

The City Council also passed a resolution on Feb. 26 supporting SHAP — the Student Housing Action Plan  — although it was clear that the plan’s complicated action items were still confusing. Initially a student housing plan and a multi-family housing plan were two separate projects. However, part way through the process the two were merged under the title of Student Housing Action Plan although many who spoke at the meeting pointed out that students are not the only demographic interested in multi-family housing.

Council member Gerry Horak suggested amending SHAP to remove what many considered the most controversial element in the plan, rental licensing. He said that while he didn’t necessarily oppose it, he felt it was “a distraction” and suggested a future stakeholders group should consider it. Kelly Ohlson voted against Horak’s amendment. He said rental registration is “a natural evolution… that will naturally happen.” The amendment passed and the plan was adopted. Some of the plan elements have already been approved, some will be adopted shortly and others are considered long-term items.

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