Fort Collins Council Votes 4-3 to Proceed with Home Size Limits

The Fort Collins City Council voted to proceed with Option A, which includes revised Floor Area Ratio (FAR) limits and a package of other less egregious design guidelines, in the latest proposal to protect neighborhood compatibility in the Eastside and Westside neighborhoods. During the discussion Council members frequently referred to homes that were selected as examples of “bad” design that the proposed ordinance should prevent. However, the damning photographs were not included in the public packet and one wondered how it would feel to be the owner of one of the homes, which were referred to only by address.

In the end the decision to include FAR reductions was not unanimous, but Ben Manvel, Kelly Ohlson and Lisa Poppaw apparently convinced the swing vote Gerry Horak, to vote with them. Manvel and Ohlson repeatedly referred to a “majority of homeowners” supporting the revised FAR limits, even though there is no evidence that is the case; in fact that option wasn’t included in the latest proposal until these two Council members insisted on it.

Aislinn Kottwitz offered the most ironic take on the decision, saying that the ordinance would change the very thing that everyone loves about the neighborhoods – their diversity.

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