On The Go With The IRES Tablet!

Leave your laptop at home!  There’s no need to lug that around when you css_TabletClassan access the MLS on your Tablet (iPad or Droid).

Our mobile version of the IRES MLS system was designed to provide you with the most critical functions needed when out on the road.  Additionally, we wanted it to be attractive and easy to use to reap the full benefit of tablets. We believe we’ve got a home run.

Powerful listing search and display is an obvious necessity, so you’ll find all the search fields and listing details on the tablet.  We maintained the familiar IRESis screen layouts as much as possible so you can easily locate fields and features.

Enlarged photos impressively fill the screen and are a breeze to swipe through.   All the listing extras you rely on are available such as property history, documents, and carts.  You can even send listings to your clients via email or MySite!

Mapping is essential and we have that covered too.  Click a button to zoom to your current location and find listings in that area, or draw a shape on the map to find listings in a particular location.woman with ipad

“EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT mobile site!!!

“The tablet version is wonderful.
Thank you for listening and taking action!”

Are you meeting with a client and need to make changes to your listing? Quickly pull up your listings from the Home screen and edit the price or status in minutes.

Realist Lite gives you statewide public records access and includes the full record with mortgage and sales information.   Also find Comparable and Neighborhood reports, plus statistics with graphs and charts by zip code or city in Realist’s Market Trends.

Need to create a CMA? CloudCMA is available and looks fantastic on your tablet.  Use “Present” mode to swipe through the pages during your listing presentation.

There’s more: Write and sign contracts with the IRES Contracts system and DocuSign!  Both work flawlessly.   After sending a form, go to your DocuSign Dashboard and sign it immediately on your tablet.    If your client MobileLoginhas a tablet, they can log into their email and sign it too.

How much are we charging for all this?  No additional cost.  How do you get there?  Just pull up IRESis.com and press the “Mobile Login” button. You have arrived.

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