Top Technology Continued…

Last month, in our post Cream of the Crop: Challenges for 2013, we challenged you to learn one new system this year from the IRES Top Technology list, which included Prospects, MySite, Contracts and DocuSign. We’re continuing in that same spirit this month, just in case you are rock solid in your understanding of those systems. Here’s our Top Technology list challenge, continued…

ss_CloudCMA LogoCloudCMA

This slick program is integrated with IRESis listings so you can create beautiful CMAs, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, and Flyers with amazing speed.

New users: The going price for this software is $29.95 per month BUT, as an IRES subscriber you get it for free. That alone warrants a look-see. A huge array of professionally written information can be included with a click of a button, various templates are available, and you can add CMA adjustments.
Advanced Users: If you are on the go and someone requests a report ASAP, send an email to,, or, type the property address in the body of the email, and a report will be emailed to you instantly! Even better: Include your client’s email address in the cc line and they’ll receive it directly. And each report includes a QR code; how does that help? Print any report (e.g. for an Open House), ask prospects to scan the QR code, and it’s instantly accessible on their phone.

ColoProperty Hit ReportColoProperty logo

Our public site has THE most traffic for Northern Colorado listings, even beating out the huge national sites like Zillow and Trulia. Impress your sellers with this fabulous marketing tool by automatically emailing them a Hit report every week. We’ll show them how many times their listing turned up in searches and how many people looked at their listing detail each week. We’ll also give them monthly totals and a graph by date. We’d love to see an explosion of usage for this report; it makes you look great and it’s laughably easy to use. Just go to Reports/ColoProperty Usage Report; for each of your listings click the “Email/Schedule” button and tell us to email it every Monday.

ss_Neighborhoods on RealistRealist Public Records

We know you use this system already, but we know some great secrets! The map tools are amazing; at the right of the map you’ll find a toolbar full of goodies. The “tack” icon allows you to plot distressed properties, sales from the MLS & public records, and characteristics like Lot Area, Bed/Bath, etc. The “stats” icon is very powerful: there are Trend Layers for sales, foreclosures, and automated values. Get your layers loaded and then email it to your client with one click.

Your training opportunities related to the above are our classes “Refine Comp Searches & CloudCMA” and “Research Public Records, Mortgages & Foreclosures”. Go to the training calendar and sign up now. If you can’t attend a class, tTraining packets for both classes are posted on the Training screen, under the Resources tab, or give us a call and we’ll help you through it. We want you to get the most out of IRESis in 2013!

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