Fort Collins REALTORS® Oppose Floor Area Restrictions

On February 19th the City Council will consider a variety of options intended to protect neighborhood character in the Eastside and Westside areas adjacent to Old Town Fort Collins. The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® supports some of the proposed strategies such as design assistance, voluntary design guidelines and the expansion of notifications for variances to 500 feet.

However, FCBR opposes the proposed changes to measuring property height at setback (unless there is a provision included to exclude or alter the measurement for properties compelled to raise their foundation due to city flood plain requirements) and the proposed revisions to the maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculation.

FCBR’s opposition is based on a variety of concerns. For example, residents organized a repeal of the previous effort to limit FAR in 2011 and the will of the people should be respected. Data shows these neighborhoods are not inundated with oversized homes and finally, the City’s consultant or community participants did not recommend FAR restrictions.

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