Participants Buy Time in Hopes of Fort Collins Mall Redevelopment Agreement

The redevelopment of the Foothills Mall could be called off unless the mall developer reaches an agreement to purchase the Sears property — or the City of Fort Collins utilizes eminent domain to take the property. The developer has made it clear that Sears does not fit the proposed tenant mix and is located in the wrong location. Sears has declined several offers to purchase the property, saying the offers are too low.

Without access to the Sears property, the developers will not be able to rehabilitate the infrastructure there. A Foothills Mall Existing Conditions Survey, produced by the city, shows that there are several problems with sidewalks, drainage and vehicle circulation at the mall.

At the present time the developer, Sears and the City have resumed negotiations and the meeting at which the Council was to have considered the use of eminent domain has been pushed back. This provides hope that the City will find a way to avoid eminent domain and keep the project on track for a holiday season 2014 grand opening.

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