Cream of the Crop: Challenges for 2013

We know there are a lot of features on IRESis and it’s hard to keep up. Due to time constraints and the sheer overwhelming nature of in-depth software like IRESis, most brokers only scrape the surface and use the search tools. And that’s okay, but…

Along with your other business plans for 2013, we’d like to challenge you to learn one new system or feature on IRESis. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the top features we’d love to see you using.  These are the cream of the crop, the cat’s meow; things we know will truly make a difference in your business. If you already have a similar solution, that’s wonderful! But if not, we’d love to see you tackle one of these in 2013. And we are prepared to help you.

Prospects-background, no titleAutomated Client Searches & MySite:
This is the number one priority for Buyer’s Agents.  Create a search that automatically emails listings to your client, up to three times per day. If you choose MySite, the listings will also be posted to an amazing website where they can review all the listing information and photos they are hungry for, rate listings, and even write notes.
For New Users: Take the free “Automated Client Searches with Email & MySite” class or view the online training materials.
Challenge for existing users: Have you turned on the Summary Activity Report, which will email you a summary of MySite activity (for all clients) any day of the week?

Contracts-no backgroundContracts: Our fabulous Contracts system has gained popularity every year since we released it in 2003. In fact, the majority of you are already using it which thrills us, good for you!
For New Users:  Be assured that it’s easy to use, includes great tools, and there is no extra cost. Take the free “Create & DocuSign Online Contracts” class or view the online training materials.
Challenge for existing users:  Are you using the Date Helper to quickly fill out your Dates & Deadlines section?

DocuSign+IRESMLSsquareDocuSign® eSignatures:  DocuSign® is deeply integrated into our Contracts system and is such an incredible business changer that we’ve included it in our Top-of-Technology list, even though it’s not an IRES product and there is an additional charge (as low as $14.99 per month for Realtors®).
For New Users:  Click on any DocuSign® button within Contracts and sign up for the 30 day trial. You’ll be convinced within a month.  Come to the Contracts class to learn more. Challenge for existing users:  Are you choosing the order in which people should sign when it’s appropriate?  Do you know how to add outside documents to an envelope in IRESis?

Our Training screen, under the Resources Tab on IRESis is jam packed with videos and training packets.  Here’s a link to our Training Calender.  DocuSign webinars are available at:  Or call us; our customer service is extraordinary. Choose a feature or system and tackle it in 2013!

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