Berthoud Trustees Tweak Site Plan Review Process

With adoption of the new Development Code eight months ago, Berthoud’s planning staff says it has been able to work in more a partnership mode with developers in the community. Some subdivisions have taken action to shift their previous approvals and use the current set of regulations, small replat projects have been authorized administratively, and recently an optional process was used to take property directly from Concept Plan to Final Plat.

In large measure the Code is working well and being received in a positive light from the development community, according to the Town’s Planning Director Tim Katers. However the Board of Trustees did adopt one change recommended by Kater at a recent meeting. Site plan reviews, which had been the responsibility of planning staff and the town administrator, will now be handled administratively by the town administrator, which will streamline the process. A developer can request a hearing with the Planning Commission but such a review is not required. Berthoud has worked diligently to change its anti-growth reputation and changes to the Development Code were a key part of the strategy. Note: Longmont and Loveland also use an administrative process for site plan review.

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