Nonpartisan Board Pushes for Major Reforms

The Board of TBD Colorado says Colorado’s path is “unsustainable” without major fiscal and constitutional reforms. TBD had been formed by Gov. Hickenlooper to seek broad civic engagement within the state.

In a recent report, TBD’s Board argued that the Taxpayer’s Bill of rights, the Gallagher Amendment and Amendment 23 “have constrained flexibility of elected officials to adjust the state’s tax structure to respond to essential revenue needs.” TBD’s report also noted that state laws have created an imbalance between commercial and residential property taxes, leading to reduced local control of school districts and reduced transportation funding.

Critics claim the TBD report is long on generalities but short on specifics. Other public policy groups have previously made the same arguments. The problem isn’t identifying the causes of Colorado’s funding issues, it’s agreeing on a solution and convincing the public to support it.

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