Consultants Provide Fort Collins Neighborhood Character Strategies

Consultants hired by the City of Fort Collins just unveiled a report outlining a variety of strategies the City can use to protect the neighborhood character in the Eastside-Westside areas. On November 27th the City Council will consider the report and determine the list of options staff will be directed to pursue.

The consultants suggest beginning with the easiest options: promoting the existing design assistance program and expanding the notification of requested variances to allow for more public comment. Options that should be further evaluated and developed include design handbooks and guidelines (not mandatory), adjusting the measurements for building height “to better account for the impact of tall walls on raised grade and high volume spaces” and addressing massing and solar impacts with design tools.

Keep in mind that the City Council does not have to accept the findings of the consultants, which were supposedly supported by a majority of residents who participated in the study. The report is available online here:

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