Hickenlooper Declares Support for NISP

Gov. John Hickenlooper wrote to the Army Corps of Engineers asking for a speedy decision on the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP), saying that this summer’s drought has illustrated the importance of additional water storage. In doing so, Hickenlooper is tacitly giving support for the project, something that the Northern Water Conservation District and state and federal legislators have long desired.

“Yes, we’re going to keep doing conservation. But you cannot conserve your way to a future water supply,” said Brian Werner, spokesman for the Northern Water Conservation District. In response to Hickenlooper’s letter, Corps of Engineers District Commander Robert Ruch said a draft environmental impact analysis for NISP should be done by 2013.

However, opponents aren’t happy about the Governor’s position. “Water projects that further drain and destroy Colorado’s rivers are a non-starter for us. The rivers already are in terrible shape,” said Gary Wockner, Director of Save the Poudre.

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