City Council Supports Stricter Standards for Multifamily Housing

A majority of the Fort Collins City Council supports a list of possible Land Use Code amendments designed to reduce adverse impacts of student/multifamily housing projects adjacent to single-family neighborhoods.

Staff is proposing a phrased approach to deal with concerns raised by neighborhood residents. The Land Use Code amendments will tackle neighborhood compatibility, density and parking/traffic.

A number of questions arise concerning this approach. For example, how would the Land Use Code amendments interact with the Student Housing Action Plan that is already in progress? What is the impact of implementing medium density mixed-use zoning requirements to all multifamily housing projects in the City, as is part of this proposal?

It appears that the desires of a small group of residents are more important to the Council that the needs of the City’s largest employer, Colorado State University, which must have more housing for its students. How will the implementation of stricter standards affect the cost of new housing projects? Why is the City Council ignoring a study done by the City that shows a higher number of complaints generated by students living in single-family homes, not those who live in apartment complexes? Note: The Fort Collins Board of Realtors® successfully opposed a proposed multifamily development moratorium proposed by neighborhood activists last month.

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