Five Candidates for Weld County Commission

According to the Weld County Clerk & Recorder’s Office five people have qualified to run as candidates for the Weld County Board of Commissioners. Incumbents include Sean Conway (at-large) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (District 1). Conway will be challenged by write-in candidate Democrat Carl Erickson and Lynette Kilpatrick. Kirkmeyer is unopposed.

Erickson is a former interpreter for the deaf and is currently disabled. On his website he writes, “I am very concerned with the direction the elected officials in this county are steering the future of this county…. I am very concerned with the fact that we have more well-heads than parks, that certain businesses are allowed (even encouraged) to run roughshod over the workers and residents of the county for short term gains in tax base and licensing fees or a hand full of temporary jobs.”

Kilpatrick, who is from LaSalle, ran against Kirkmeyer in the Republican primary for District 3 and lost. No further information on her campaign or platform is available at this time.

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