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City of Boulder Considers Extension of CAP Tax

Boulder’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) tax will expire in March and the City Council wants to ask the voters to extend it this November. However, the Council is worried about the impact of a Boulder County sustainability tax measure on the same ballot. The CAP tax raises roughly $1.8 million a year for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Officials from Boulder County officials and the City will have to work together to educate the public and ensure that the County and City ballot measures are not seen as redundant.

Note: Boulder has the most ambitious carbon reduction goals in our region. And to meet them, Boulder will have to convince voters that more is needed than just the extension of the CAP tax. The City is pursuing a municipal utility to increase the amount of renewable energy used to generate electricity. City staff is also integrating climate plans into all the City’s master plans. In this way Boulder hopes to serve as an example to other cities. As one Council member said, “What we can do ourselves is relatively small, but we can serve as a city on a hill and by our example have a much larger impact.”

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