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Discussion Postponed on Sustainability Plan

By a 4-3 vote (Hansen, Levison and McCoy dissenting), the City Council delayed its discussion of the Integrated Sustainability Plan at the request of Council member Katie Witt, who said she felt more time was needed to review the 13 page document. Staff has been working on the plan for two years and had requested feedback on the latest version.

According to the plan, its purpose is to “ensure that future generations enjoy the same natural beauty, abundance of resources, and prosperity that we do today.” Staff had been directed to make the document more concise and understandable but it is still difficult to determine how the plan will be used.

Some of the objectives go beyond the scope of basic government services; one of the strategies cited in the plan is to “development consensus among policymakers about the role the City will plan in ensuring social sustainability.” What does that mean? How can the City “ensure that all members of our community are able to meet their basic needs; have access to housing, health services, education, and recreation; and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Longmont, to the benefit of themselves and others”? Stay tuned because the Council will take up the sustainability plan at its next study session on November 15.

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