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Who will run for Longmont City Council?

Although candidates cannot gather signatures yet, three people have declared their candidacy for the Ward 1 City Council race. Lawyer and business adviser Brian Bagley, business owner Suzzanne Painter and political activist Paul Tiger. Brian Hansen, who has not publically announced whether he will run for re-election, currently holds the seat or not.

Other declared candidates for the election include incumbent Ward III Councilman Sean McCoy and incumbent mayor Bryan Baum. No one has yet filed for the at-large seat held by Councilwoman Sarah Levison. Note: Observers say the race in War I is wide open because Hansen is perceived as passive and uninvolved. While Sean McCoy has an abrasive style and has not demonstrated a good grasp of political and economic realities, no opponents for his Ward III seat have emerged – yet. Sarah Levison’s seat is said to be secure because she has done a good job of representing her constituents.

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