E. 8th Street Corridor Renewal Area Passes First Reading

A 295-acre corridor north of the Leprino plant is on its way to designation as an urban renewal area. City planning staff and the Planning Commission studied the area between U.S. 85 and the airport and advised the City Council that it meets State statutory requirements for designation as blight, including deteriorating structures, inadequate public infrastructure, inadequate lot and street layout and unsafe conditions. (Crime – theft, assault and burglary – in the area is twice as high as the Greeley Tech Center, a comparable industrial area.)  55 properties located within the City are part of the urban renewal area; 14 others are in Weld County and could be added later by a subsequent annexation and public hearing process. The blight designation makes the area eligible for tax-increment financing. A variety of land uses are proposed for the area based on interest from developers and businesses, including a potential clean-energy park, an agri-tech business incubator, and a mix of other industrial, commercial and recreational uses. The final public hearing will likely occur on Dec. 7.

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