City Considering Character Area Designations for “Mid-Century” Neighborhoods

Using a grant from the Colorado Historical Society, Boulder hired consultants to survey various post-World War Two subdivisions in the City such as Table Mesa, Martin Acres, Edgewood and Sunset Hills. The consultants said some of the homes look much like they did when they were built and others have be remodeled to the point that they no longer represent the character of the original style.

The consultants are recommending that Boulder create “character areas” for some subdivisions, in particular Martin Acres, Highland Park and possibly Table Mesa in order to preserve the character of these neighborhoods. This could lead to design standards such as paint colors and “appropriate landscapes” rather than architectural restrictions such as those included in the Neighborhood Compatibility requirements the City implemented almost a year ago. However, City officials state that nothing will happen unless residents support it. City staff will begin soliciting feedback from homeowners in October. REALTORS® can learn more at a presentation at BARA scheduled for October 11th at 1:30 PM.

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