Council Votes Against Landlord Agent Proposal

An Agent of Record (AOR) ordinance was the topic of discussion at a City Council meeting on August 24. LAR opposed the proposal because it would mandate that landlords living outside a 40 mile radius of Longmont to hire an agent to represent their properties.

City staff argued the program was needed to ensure landlords of “problem properties” could be contacted quickly and efficiently. LAR’s position is that an AOR Program would create an additional, unnecessary cost for property owners, most of whom derive little profit from their rental properties. The REALTORS® also argued that the proposal would create another layer of bureaucracy but would not solve the issues it is intended to fix. LAR President Deanna Dyer and President-Elect (2012) Bob Danos testified persuasively about the problems with the ordinance. After much discussion, the City Council voted 4-3 to kill the ordinance on first reading. Council members who against the bill were: Mayor Baum and Council members Alex Sammoury, Gabe Santos and Katie Witt. The vote means that as long as the current Council is in office, the threat of an AOR is gone. However, if enough seats change in the upcoming November 2011 election, the issue could easily be resurrected.

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